Jaume Mut: “The Youngsters Stepped Up”

The coach of CD Atlético Baleares, Jaume Mut, analyzed his first victory as the white-and-blue coach.

On the first victory

“It’s bittersweet. I was eager to achieve this victory. I know it doesn’t serve to save the category, but inside I’m very happy. We’ve done very good work.”

About the team

“We’re facing difficulties from all sides and unfairly… today we had up to nine absences and many players from the youth and reserve teams. When I defended my players, it’s because they work to the maximum and give it their all.”

“It’s the best moment to apologize, but it hasn’t been easy. Nobody has nine absences at this stage. We’ve had to work with many problems. The injured players have also worked hard. Until today, I hadn’t talked about this, but it’s been complicated.”

About the red card

“For me, it’s not a red card. It’s true that it’s a yellow card play and it’s dangerous, but he touches the ball.”

About the youngsters

“I have a good assessment of all the youngsters we had on the field. They stepped up. Ortega played very well, Piera had the accuracy to score a great goal, and George scored too.”

About the future

“The Sports Management is working, and so am I. We would like to play with the players we have this year and incorporate as many Majorcan players as possible to build a good squad. We’re working on it.”