Fundació Atlético Baleares
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Head Office:
C. Gregorio Marañón nº 1, campo de fútbol de la FFIB “Son Malferit” 07007 Palma – Illes Balears
(+34) 971 274 560

The idea to create a foundation linked to our club dates back to the late XX Century.

In 1999, the writer and poet Guillem Soler, organized a group exhibition of artists called ‘30 artistes per la Fundació Atlético Baleares’, four of them donated their works to the club to promote the creation of a foundation. The exhibition was shown to the public at the Casal Solleric in Palma de Mallorca. Nevertheless, the initiative wasn’t a solution, due to the club’s increased institutional instability of those years.

Since 2005, coinciding with the club’s recovery, they once again started to talk about the establishment of the Foundation,until they signed its constitution before a Notary on September 21st, 2007.

The Board was initially composed by Gabriel Planisi Marin, Jaume Fuster Carbonell y Doménec Noguera Coll. The first Foundation’s President was Gabriel Planisi Marín, and from March 2008 to February 2011,the Presidency belonged to Fernando Miró Cortés. Since then, the President was Pere Cladera Colom until August 2012. Currently, the role has its renewal pending.

A priori, the Foundation would enjoy their own economic resources, mainly from managing the advertising incomes of the Balearic Stadium.but also from channelling institucional support for the club. It was also added to the Foundation’s Heritage the paintings donated by 30 artists from Mallorca, who starred the Casal Solleric’s Exhibition in 1999.Nevertheless, the Foundation was barely operational over the years.

Recently it has been given a new push after the nomination of its current President and the social introduction of the new Foundation’s project at the Restaurante Bahía Mediterráneo, on February 24th 2011.