Defeat in Murcia (2-0)

CD Atlético Baleares fell to Real Murcia at Nueva Condomina (2-0).

For the match, Juanma Barrero made one change in the starting eleven compared to the home defeat against Recreativo de Huelva: Ortega in for Miguelete.

The game began with the white-and-blue team seeking possession. The hosts tried to capitalize on the speed of their wingers.

Toni Ramon had the first attempt for the visitors, while the hosts managed to create danger through Carlos Rojas.

In the 29th minute, the 1-0 came after a cross-shot from Pedro León. Just before halftime, the definitive 2-0 arrived after a good play by Isi Gómez.

With the score at 2-0, halftime was reached. After the break, the white-and-blue team pushed forward but struggled to find the red-and-white goal.

Miguelete from a set piece and with good runs from Piera came close to reducing the deficit. With the score at 2-0, the match concluded. The white-and-blue team will play next week against Atlético Sanluqueño at Estadi Balear.

Real Murcia: Manu García, José Ruiz, Marcos Mauro, Alberto González, Marc Baró, Tomás Pina, Isi Gómez (Arturo, min. 66), Larrea, Carlos Rojas (Mariano, min. 76), Pedro León (Dani Vega, min. 61), and Álex Rubio (Coto, min. 76).

CD Atlético Baleares: Ramon Vila, Campabadal, Raúl González, Ofoli, Ferroni (Nuha, min. 74), David Navarro (Piera, min. 74), Jaime Sierra, Toni Ramón (Pastrana, min. 56), Armando Shashoua, Ortega (Miguelete, min. 56), and Alarcón.

Goals: 1-0, Alberto González, min. 29; 2-0, Isi Gómez, min. 42.