CD Atlético Baleares falls to Recreativo de Huelva (0-2)

CD Atlético Baleares suffered a defeat on the last matchday of the first round against Recreativo de Huelva (0-2). Juanma Barrero’s team couldn’t overcome the dean after a good performance with the ball but lacked effectiveness in the offensive part. The visitors secured the victory with two fantastic goals from outside the box.

Before the match, a tribute was paid to the family of the late Gabriel Moragues, and there was also a homage to the National Police for their 200th anniversary. From there, the ball started rolling. The blanquiazules had a strong start, with Toni Ramon and Armando creating the first chances.

In the 19th minute, Antonio scored a great goal from a corner kick. From that point, the home team pressed and dominated the game, seeking a comeback, but the score remained 0-1 at halftime. After the break, things continued similarly, with Recre holding on but looking for danger with counterattacks and individual actions.

Towards the end of the match and with ATB pushing forward, the visitors sealed the win. Once again, Antonio, with a powerful left-footed shot, beat Ramón Vila, who could do little. In the final minutes of the game, the blanquiazules came close to narrowing the gap with two headers from Villapalos and Piera.

The match ended 0-2, and now the blanquiazul team will start the second round away from home.

CD Atlético Baleares: Ramon Vila, Campabadal, Félix Ofoli, Raúl González, Leo Ferroni, Jaime Sierra, David Navarro, Toni Ramon, Armando Shashoua, Miguelete, and Roberto Alarcón.

Substitutions: Pastrana for Miguelete (min. 67). Nuha for Toni Ramon (min. 79). Piera for David Navarro (min. 88). Villapalos for Alarcón (min. 88), and Ortega for Ferroni (min. 88).

Recreativo de Huelva: Rubén Gálvez, Rahim, Rubén Serrano, Alberto Trapero, Antoñito, Josiel, David del Pozo, Iago Díaz, Domínguez, De la Rosa, and Caye Quintana.

Substitutions: Iturraspe for De la Rosa (min. 75). Pinillos for Yago Díaz (min. 90). Sergio Díez for Antoñito (min. 94). Paolo for Caye Quintana (min. 94), and Raúl Navas for Antonio Domínguez (min. 94).

Goals: 0-1, Antonio Domínguez, min. 19. 0-2, Antonio Domínguez, min. 86.