One point against Atlético Sanluqueño

A point against Atlético Sanluqueño

CD Atlético Baleares earned a point against Atlético Sanluqueño. Juanma Barrero’s team kept a clean sheet and secured points again after two consecutive defeats.

The match began with the visitors dominating possession. The white and blues tried with individual actions from Armando and disputes led by Juan Piera, who made his first start this season. With the score at 0-0 and some approaches from the visitors, the first half concluded.

After the break, Pablo Muñoz made his debut, shining with good plays and runs down the left flank. A shot from him resulted in the only local approach. Ramón Vila had to intervene on two occasions to prevent the visitors from scoring.

The match ended with a 0-0 score. The next opponent is Málaga at La Rosalesa.

CD Atlético Baleares: Ramón Vila, David Navarro, Félix Ofoli, Raúl González, Leo Ferroni, Toni Ramon, Isaac Nana, Roberto Alarcón, Armando Shashoua, Miguelete, and Juan Piera.

Substitutions: Pablo Muñoz for Juan Piera (min. 63). Jaime Sierra for Miguelete (min. 78). Pastrana for Roberto Alarcón (min. 84).

Atlético Sanluqueño: Samuel Pérez, Coke, Joan Rojas, Fernando Román, Pablo Carbonell, Joaquín Felipe, Luis Vacas, Alex Guti, Ignacio Ramón, Zelu, and Airam.

Substitutions: Zaca for Airam (min. 67). Cortijo for Coke (min. 67). Paco for Ignacio Ramón (min. 82).

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