Another defeat in Algeciras (1-0)

CD Atlético Baleares fell in their visit to Algeciras (1-0). Jaume Mut’s side couldn’t respond after the hosts scored in the final stretch of the match.

The visitors started the game with three youngsters on the pitch. Piera, Ortega, and George started and earned minutes with good performances. In the first half, neither team had clear chances, and in the second, it wasn’t until the 76th minute when Iván Turrillo scored the only goal of the match.

Jaume Mut’s assessment:

“Every week we try to compete with dignity. For ourselves because we are professionals and we want to leave the stadiums with our heads held high. It hasn’t been a different game from the ones we’ve played. We’ll compete until the last day.”

“Baleares has the level to compete with teams in the category, but the small details haven’t fallen our way. Algeciras has a good team, and they’re a category team, and today we competed with them on equal terms. Our game was very correct.”

“We got points in Huelva against a team that was heading for the playoffs, we lost to Ceuta in the 90th minute from a penalty. We competed as we always have. Congratulations to Algeciras, who now have permanence very close.”