Defeat in Mérida (2-1)

CD Atlético Baleares fell to Mérida (2-1). Juanma Barrero’s team couldn’t overcome a determined Mérida side that capitalized on their chances.

The match began with the white-and-blue team well organized and, above all, dominating possession. The minutes passed without dangerous approaches in what was becoming a match without much work for the goalkeepers.

After the half-hour mark, bad luck led to the first goal for the home team. Félix Ofoli attempted to clear a ball, which confused Ramón Vila, and Busi sent it into the back of the net. The score was 1-0 at halftime.

In the second half, the white-and-blue players continued their efforts to reverse the situation. The return of Pablo Muñoz and Alarcón on the left side unsettled Barrero’s team in search of a goal.

After a free-kick taken by Rochina, Campabadal was the cleverest in the class and scored his first Balearic goal. However, the joy was short-lived. Elejalde finished a counter-attack that frustrated all the white-and-blue team’s efforts.

With the score at 2-1, the match ended, and the white-and-blue team suffered their third consecutive defeat. Next week, they will visit the field of Córdoba CF.

AD Mérida: Juanpa, Acosta, Chuma (Elejalde, min. 56), Missian (Pipe, min. 85), Eliseo, Beneit (Álvaro Juan, min. 90), Juanjo Sánchez, Javi Martín (Sandoval, min. 56), Llacer (Damián Calero, min. 46), Bourdal, and Busi.

CD Atlético Baleares: Ramon Vila, Campabadal, Ofoli (Nuha, min. 75), Zalaya, Ferroni (Roberto Alarcón, min. 59), David Navarro, Toni Ramón, Azeez (Armando, min. 75), Pastrana (Pablo Muñoz, min. 59), Rubén Rochina, and David Rodríguez.

Goals: 1-0, Busi, min. 31; 1-1, Campabadal, min. 80; 2-1, Elejalde, min. 83.