Juanma Barrero: “We lacked accuracy”

The coach of CD Atlético Baleares, Juanma Barrero, analyzed the defeat against AD Mérida.

About the match

“I think it was even. We had a good first half. We fought very well against Mérida’s strengths. Out of nowhere, they scored. We lacked accuracy.”

“After the break, everything remained the same. A lot of equality, and that’s how we got the draw. We changed the formation, and that’s where we found the penalty. From there, we shot ourselves in the foot again. Their second goal came from a quick transition, and the game was over.”

“Their second goal comes from a loss in a dispute. We didn’t commit the foul. When we equalized, we knew that if we continued, we could achieve more.”

“We’re not in that moment… their first goal shows it.”

“Survival becomes complicated for us at 24/26 points. Our goal is to accumulate points. In the end, sooner or later, it will happen.”