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RENOVAM: the new campaign from Atlético Baleares

The time has come to renew your Atlético Baleares Season Ticket! You have already seen the new kit for the season, and now is the time to demonstrate your loyalty to Atlético Baleares with our new RENOVAM (let’s renew) campaign.

Below we will outline prices, timelines, conditions, advantages, discounts and how to renew your existing season ticket or become a brand new member. The club asks that you complete the process online wherever possible. It is easy, quick and simple and allows us to ensure better health security in the current climate.

RENOVAM, the new campaign for Atlético Baleares season tickets in 2020/21

We want to thank you for your support for the team by renewing your season ticket for another year. This season all Balearicos and Balearicas have one clear aim: RENOVAM hope and we would love to count on your attendance again despite the huge uncertainty at the moment.

Thanks to you, we are a family!

RENOVAM the Men’s first team with a new backroom staff and new players for the squad to try once again to achieve the dream of promotion.

RENOVAM the Women’s first team with an ambitious project where no one is left out, and with an under 23 team in the Liga Autonómica that continues to compete and that will be the club’s youth academy for future talent.

RENOVAM our grassroots team, with the same values for training the 4000 young footballers that are developing in Son Malferit, and a renovated juvenile A team with the highest ambitions.

RENOVAM to the highest level the hygiene and health measures in place to avoid any possible risk or spread of the virus at the club.

Because however strange this season might be, no virus can ruin our aspirations. We are going all out so that you can feel proud of our teams at every level.

Will fans be allowed in the stadium?

For the moment, national health guidelines will determine if the public are allowed in the stadium. Even though we maintain the hope that the situation will improve over the next couple of months, it is not possible to carry out a season ticket campaign in the same way as previous years now that we cannot guarantee attendance in the stadium with total certainty, and we cannot know if it will last for the duration of the competition due to circumstances completely outside of the control of CD Atletico Baleares SAD.

The situation is very difficult, but the club’s owners will make an extraordinary effort this season to have a squad as competitive as the ones which have been league champions two seasons in a row, as well as completing the works to expand Estadio Balear.

There have been lots of fans that have been in touch with the club to offer their solidarity and support in these difficult times. It will be a strange season; complicated, with the context of an unforeseeable crisis, which is constantly changeable and where health is above all else. We cannot guarantee that you can attend any home games at Estadio Balear or Son Malferit because it is not our decision, but we will give everything to ensure that you, the fans, are proud of all of our teams.

In the situation that the public are not allowed in Estadio Balear at all throughout the 2020/21 season because of factors outside of the club’s control, as may be the case due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the club wants to make clear throughout this statement on becoming a season ticket holder that it is exempt from any responsibility. If the health authorities explicitly prohibit that fans are allowed in stadiums as a matter of public health, season ticket holders will not be able to claim any compensation from the club. It will be treated as an extreme situation, which is not a pleasurable one for ATB and will also mean a major setback for the club, not being able to rely on their most important assets in the stadium; the fans. But the pandemic requires us to contemplate all possible scenarios. That is why the ownership, who have been fighting for 6 years to achieve the dream of promotion and to modernise and professionalise the sporting facilities of the club, ask for the understanding of the members that in a situation where the public would not be allowed then the club’s income would be significantly reduced.

If attendance to games is limited, how will access be granted fairly?

The club promises, in the event that the public are allowed to attend but with limits imposed by the heath authorities on the total capacity allowed in the stands, to design an equal distribution system based on the number of games that the fans will be allowed to attend. To be clear, if the health guidelines limit the number of spectators and there are more season ticket holders than the permitted capacity per game each season ticket holder will have the opportunity to watch the same number of games.

For example, a system would be established that the first home game would be attended by fans whose season ticket numbers started from an initial number, and any of the following numbers up until the imposed capacity limit. Those fans could then not attend the following home game because it would be the turn of those who could not watch the previous game. This would always be proportional and equal, so that at the end of the season all of the season ticket holders had watched the same number of games, always on the basis that the development of the health situation allows it and does not suddenly require public attendance to be restricted a second time.

Will I have my seat guaranteed in the 2020/21 season?

Given the exceptional circumstances, and the complex and hard to predict nature of the situation, ATB advise that in spite of efforts to ensure that fans keep their regular seats from the previous season, if the health crisis forces the club to maintain social distancing measures with a limited capacity it will not be possible to guarantee your previous location and a seating arrangement based on the correct protocols must take precedence. This means that wherever the club seating team places a season ticket holder, whether alone or accompanied in line with the rules on attendance, they must stay in the assigned seat for the entire game and will not be allowed to change seats at their leisure.

If I renew, will I keep my seat for the 2021/22 season?

If you renew this season, you will be able to keep your season ticket number and the same seat as previous seasons once normality is resumed.

If I do not watch many games this year, what discount will I get for my support of the club in the 2021/22 season?

The club promises to compensate fans in the scenario that season ticket holders are not able to attend at least 25% of league home games during the 2020/21 season.

This 25% will not include playoff games in the scenario the team reaches them and will not include Copa del Rey games either. Based on this, any season ticket holders that due to public health regulations have not attended at least 25% of regular league games will be able to claim a discount of 25% on their season ticket for the 2020/21 season in whichever league ATB are playing in. This future compensation or discount will not be applicable in the following scenarios:

  • If the season ticket holder is not restricted from attending Estadio Balear for least 25% of regular league games due to the public health situation but chooses to attend fewer games voluntarily
  • The heath or sport authorities suspend the 2020/21 season without 75% of regular league games having been played
  • If the heath or sport authorities do not allow the public to access stadiums throughout the entire 2020/21 season

What does the season ticket include?

  • Access to regular league home games for Segunda División B at Estadio Balear. It does not include any possible playoff games for promotion to the Segunda División or Copa del Rey games. Due to the exceptional circumstances of the season, the club will not hold the regular Día Del Club
  • Access to home games played by our grassroots and women´s teams in Son Malferit.
  • A 5% discount on official Joma clothing for the 2020-21 season at the official club shop in Son Malferit, when displaying your season ticket at the time of purchase.

Right of admission

The club reserves the right to refuse entrance to Estadio Balear and to Son Maferit, taking into account the right of admission, renewal of season tickets or new memberships due to misuse of any of the above, or usage that contravenes the Regulation for the Prevention of Violence, Racism, Xenophobia, or Intolerance in Sport (RD 203-2010). The club also reserves the right to refuse or remove season tickets from fans who use any offensive, sexist, degrading or intolerant language that clearly exceeds the limits of freedom of expression and opinion or behaviour which goes against the values that this sporting institution has promoted for decades. It also reserves the right to refuse entrance to or void season tickets of those who bring lawsuits or make any declarations against the Sociedad Anónima Deportiva or the ownership. The club also opposes misuse of season tickets. In this sense it is expressly prohibited, without the prior authorisation of the club, to sell your season ticket, to charge to loan it out, or its use for any commercial means. The named season ticket holder is the person responsible for correct usage of the ticket and in case of being misplaced, they must pay 5€ to replace it.


Season tickets will be available to purchase from the 31st of August, with renewals being prioritised. Despite not being able to guarantee that season ticket holders will be able to sit in the exact location due to public health measures this season, it is important that the same seat is maintained for the 2021-22 season.

Dates To Register 2020/21

Phase 1

Renewals of Season Tickets – From 1st of September to 10th September

Phase 2

Renewal APEB – From 14th of September to 17th September

Phase 3

Renewals and Seating Changes – From 21st  of September to 24th of September

Phase 4

New registrations – From 28th September

The season ticket 2020/21 give the right to its owner to attend Estadio Balear to watch regular league games for the Segunda División B, whilst public health measures allow for attendance.

The season ticket does not include possible playoff games for promotion to the Segunda División, nor Copa Del Rey games excepting PALCO VIP Season ticket holders.


Can I become a season ticket holder online?

The club, in order to slow the spread of the virus and not put the health of fans and employees at risk, would like to encourage online renewals or registration for season tickets wherever possible on our website, which we will activate on Tuesday 1st of September.

By doing this we can be responsible for the health of everyone. The club highlights that using this online process has a cost of 0.98€ which covers the management fees for the platform.

The collection of season tickets will be staggered and the club will also provide a postal service for season tickets for fans who cannot or do not wish to visit the offices to collect season tickets, with a cost of 6€ if living in Baleares, 9€ on the mainland peninsula, and 18€ for any other region. To request your season ticket to be sent to you, please contact the following email address:  taquillas@atleticobaleres.com

The categories that can register online are:

  • General
  • Retired
  • Blue
  • Youth
  • Baby
  • VIP
  • Priority
  • *Supporter

For the first time, this year the club has created a Supporter season ticket for those fans that follow us from afar. Those who, for work or personal reasons, do not live in the city but whom we know feel that they are Balericos. This includes the opportunity to make use of a ticket to two different regular league games for Segunda División B like a local, whenever the public health situation allows. To attend the games, the season ticket holder will need to send an email to taquillas@atleticobaleres.com with at least two weeks’ notice for the matches that they would like to attend.

There are some other Season Ticket categories that can only be purchased in our official shop in Son Malferit, and not online:

  • Grassroots season ticket
  • Grassroots family ticket
  • Veterans Ticket
  • APEB
  • Tickets in Grada De Animación
  • Fan club

Timetable to purchase a season ticket in person:

To purchase a ticket in person from the offices in Son Malferit you will need to attend the offices from 9am – 3pm, bearing in mind the schedule for the different categories of season ticket above.

However, wherever possible the club always advises that prospective season ticket holders use the online option to purchase or renew their ticket, due to the current health crisis.

The club prioritises credit and debit card payments in order to minimise the risk during this time.

How and when to collect your season ticket?

If you purchase or renew a season ticket online, you can collect it from 6 days afterwards in the official shop, located in Son Malferit from Monday to Friday 4pm until 8pm.


Below you can view the list of prices for the season, with the most preferential prices being for those supporters who will be maintaining their season ticket for the second consecutive season.

Type of Season Ticket/ Renewals / New Purchase