Tato García: “It’s difficult because players give everything on the field”

The ATB head coach, Tato García, assessed the defeat against AD Ceuta. The Balearic team fell just short of gaining points after a penalty in the 80th minute.

About the match

“Two very different halves. In the first one, we weren’t at our level, once again. In the second half, you saw a winning team. We had clear opportunities”.

“When you’re in a situation like this, things tend to go against you. It’s the same story every week. In the first half, the team didn’t perform well”.

“Many players ended up on the ground, crying and exhausted… in the end, it’s tough because these people give everything on the field”.

“At halftime, I told them that we needed to change our mentality. Take a step forward. The change in mentality in the second half, I saw it, and we showed that we could cause damage”.

About the future and the team

“My concern is to keep working. We have one point. I said it on Friday: ‘We work to accumulate points.’ I’ve always put myself in front. I’m the one responsible for the first half”.

“I am where I want to be, which is at Atlético Baleares. From here on, it’s not my decision anymore”.