Narrow defeat against Real Madrid Castilla

CD Atlético Baleares fell at the Estadi Balear against Real Madrid Castilla (0-1). Jaume Mut’s side lost after conceding an own goal in a tightly contested match. In the final stretch, the blanquiazules pressed, and Cañizares prevented Rochina’s shots on two occasions.

The match began with a dominant and wide-ranging performance from the blanquiazul side. The visitors attempted long balls to Álvaro but failed to create any real danger against Jero’s goal. David Navarro had a great opportunity after a cross from Pastrana, but the shot missed the target.

The second half started with a change for the home team, with Rochina replacing Alarcón. After a set-piece and a clearance, the first and only goal of the match arrived. Villapalos inadvertently deflected the ball into his own net while attempting to clear.

The final minutes of the match saw a relentless onslaught from the blanquiazules, but Cañizares was resolute in keeping them at bay. Rochina, with two powerful shots, came close to equalizing.

With the 0-1 scoreline, the match concluded, with CD Atlético Baleares deserving more from the encounter.

CD Atlético Baleares: Jero Lario, Campabadal, Juanra, Josep Jaume, Zalaya, Villapalos, David Navarro, Roberto Alarcón, Pastrana, Azeez, and David Rodríguez.

Substitutions: Rochina for Alarcón (min. 46). Nana for David Navarro (min. 62). Nuha for David Rodríguez (min. 62). Piera for Azeez (min. 77). Ferroni for Zalaya (min. 77).

Real Madrid Castilla: Cañizares, Carrillo, Lorenzo, Marvel, Cuenca, Nico Paz, Gonzalo, Mario Martín, Manuel Ángel, Palacios, Álvaro.

Substitutions: Theo Zidane for Palacios (min. 72). David González for Palacios (min. 72). Aparicio for Álvaro (min. 89). Obrador for Nico Paz (min. 89).

Goals: 0-1, Villapalos (pp), min. 72.