Juanma Barrero: “The guys are feeling good, knowing that if we compete and do this, we have chances”

CD Atlético Baleares coach, Juanma Barrero, analyzed the first away victory. The white-and-blue secured three points in their visit to Granada. The match was marked by Miguelete’s opening goal and David Rodríguez’s finishing touch to the struggle.

About the match:

“We took the lead starting with a good throw-in action. We managed to win depth with Roberto. We always tell them not to look and cross there; someone will appear. Today, he didn’t look, and the one who had to arrive did and scored.”

“Granada had the ball. Being a reserve team, they handle that well, and in the first few minutes, we were there without suffering much, and I think we were doing well. Curiously, the second goal came with a box action, and it entered us like fear, and we dropped back.”

“We finished the last ten minutes of the first half poorly. They took us out of position. However, in the second half, we defended much better. We left Granada without any chance that Ramón had to stop. In the first half, he did have to intervene.”

About Ramón and fresh legs:

“I want to highlight Ramón, who wasn’t playing regularly and today had a sensational game. The players from the bench came out very well today and helped us not to collapse.”

About the importance of the points:

“I think today we’re going to get close to getting out of the relegation zone. This is not definitive, but we win away from home for the first time, score two goals away from home, again keep a clean sheet… The guys are feeling good, knowing that if we compete and do this, we have chances. That’s gold.”