Juanma Barrero: “I have to acknowledge the effort of the whole team”

The coach of CD Atlético Baleares, Juanma Barrero, analyzed the point obtained against Intercity CF (0-0). The coach valued the point earned at Antonio Solana after a match where they had to endure but also had opportunities to take all three points.

About the match

“The match had two determining factors. There was a lot of wind during a significant part of the game. The second factor is the pitch. It’s a field where it’s hard to string together three or four passes. They were more accustomed to it. In the first half, we tried to be a very practical team with clearances and seriousness.”

“They had a couple of chances in the first half. We managed to stay in the game and endure during the tough moments. From there, we began to grow with David’s fight up top. We lacked a bit more composure and clarity.”

“In the second half, we did find ourselves and had a great goal-scoring opportunity, but we also endured. I’m very happy with how the team understood the game, and today, it was all about competing well and achieving the first goal we had set: keeping a clean sheet. We’ve achieved that. I’m very pleased with the effort from all the boys, and I have to acknowledge that effort.”

About the point earned

“The point is positive to break the trend. In the end, we need to convince ourselves that our deficit is in goals against. This reinforces our work and the idea of a solid team. Today, we were solid in many moments against a team that attacks very well with their wide crosses.”