Defeat against Córdoba CF (2-0)

CD Atlético Baleares fell in their visit to Nuevo Arcángel (2-0). Juanma Barrero’s team couldn’t overcome the third-placed opponent who capitalized on their chances. Nuha and Rochina had opportunities to level the match.

The game started on the wrong foot for the white-and-blue team, as Pablo Muñoz, returning from injury, suffered a setback and had to be replaced by Nuha, who created danger.

After two dangerous actions from the hosts, Diarra scored the opener with a well-placed header. The response came after two chances from Nuha, who came close to breaking the green-and-white net.

With the score at 1-0, the teams went into halftime. After the break, the white-and-blue side tried with two good actions from Rochina that came close to finding the back of the net.

In the final stretch, the definitive 2-0 arrived after a great shot from Sala. The match ended with that result. Next opponent: CD San Fernando at Estadi Balear.

Córdoba C.F. C. Marín, Albarrán, Carlos García, Lapeña, Calderón, Diarra, Álex Sala, Carracedo, Simó, Casas, and Zalazar.

Substitutions: Isma Ruiz for Simo (min. 62). Recio for Diarra (min. 71). A. Mendes for Zalazar (min. 71). Óscar for Carracedo (min. 86). Iván R. for…

CD Atlético Baleares: Ramón Vila, Campabadal, David Navarro, Josep Jaume, Zalaya, Toni Ramón, Azeez, Pablo Muñoz, Ferroni, Rochina, and David Rodríguez.

Substitutions: Nuha Marong for Pablo Muñoz (min. 6). Nana for Toni Ramon (min. 75). Pastrana for Rochina (min. 75). Armando Shashoua for Josep Jaume (min. 83). Ortega for Campabadal (min. 83).

Goals: 1-0, Diarra, min. 21. 2-0, Álex Sala, min. 66.