CD Atlético Baleares draws in the first match of the League against Algeciras CF (1-1)

CD Atlético Baleares drew 1-1 in their first match of the Primera RFEF (Group II) in the 23/24 season. Tato’s players secured one point after a highly contested match at Estadi Balear.

After a day of heavy rain and strong winds on the island, the game started rough with no clear dominator. It wasn’t until the last minute of the first half that Miguelete attempted a direct corner kick.

The second half began with a different pace, and the home team was eager to open the scoring. In the 50th and 58th minutes, one player was in the spotlight: Miguelete. The Balearic number 11 tried to score with a long-range shot and a chip that narrowly missed the mark.

In the 77th minute, the visiting team scored after a corner kick. Borja capitalized on a rebound to beat a solid Jero Lario in the goal. With the substitutions, ATB took a step forward, and Armando executed a great individual play that came close to equalizing.

In the 85th minute, Piera executed a good run and delivered a lofted ball to David Rodríguez, who didn’t miss. The Balearic goal-scorer headed the ball into the net, hitting the post with precision, making it impossible for the visiting goalkeeper to save.

The match ended in a draw, and CD Atlético Baleares secured their first point of the season. Now, their focus shifts to the next opponent, Ibiza, next Saturday starting at 21:30 at Can Misses.

Match details:

CD Atlético Baleares: Jero Lario, Loren, Félix Ofoli, Juanra, Leo Ferroni, Villapalos (82′), Sierra (78′), Miguelete (78′), Pastrana, Roberto Alarcón, David Rodríguex

Substitute players: Ramón Vila, Toni Ramón (82′), Armando (78′), Xisco, Toni Llabrés, Ortega, Fede Juan Piera (78′)

Algeciras CF: Lucho García, Roldán, Admonio, Dioni, Tomás Sánchez, Eric Montes, Borja Fernández, Iván Turrillo, Diego Esteban (70′), Zequi Díaz, Javi Cueto (70′)

Substitute players: Marcos, Ángel, David Martín, Iker, Marino (70′), Mario, Rodríguez, Dani, Pimienta (70′)

Goals: Borja, 0-1 (77′); David Rodríguez, 1-1 (85′).